Our Team

Mohu is a collection of talented, creative, and dedicated people brought together to execute one very simple mission: deliver simple, intuitive, game-changing products that enrich the lives of our customers.

Mohu History

Military History

Raleigh think tank develops innovative antenna technology to fit within mudflaps of US Military ground vehicles. This research focuses on detecting, neutralizing and defeating IEDs to protect the HMMWVs and MRAPs from being targeted. This was part of an important initiative to protect men & women in combat.


Antenna Development

Coinciding with the digital transition of broadcast television, Mohu recognizes an opportunity to translate the military technology into a revolutionary TV antenna design. The original paper-thin Mohu Leaf is born, and quickly becomes the highest-rated and best-selling HDTV antenna in the world. Made in the USA!


Mohu Today

We have helped cord cutters save more than $300 million by eliminating their costly monthly cable and satellite bills. Our product family includes the Leaf Metro for urban cord cutters, the original & flagship Leaf 30, amplified Leaf 50, designer Curves, and our most powerful attic/outdoor Sky 60. And we’re just getting started.


Culture and Philosophy